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HA Guide Amendments 2013/14

Amendment No.
Publication Date
12/2013-14 31/03/14 Development Calculating Grant Information link to Qualifying & Non Qualifying Costs re-enabled (PDF 12KB)
11/2013-14 31/03/14 Housing Management Tenancy Management New guidance on Equity Sharing Scheme (PDF 61KB)
10/2013-14 28/11/13 Development Scheme Approval Revised ALP guidance and amendments to ALP1 & ALP2 (PDF 12KB)
09//2013-14 14/10/13 Development Scheme Approval Revised guidance added on ALP's (PDF 12KB)
08/2013-14 14/10/13 Housing Management Tenancy Management New guidance added about Rent Collection Targets (PDF 12KB)
07/2013-14 14/10/13 Finance Financial Reporting / Internal/External Reserves / Disposals Revised guidance added (PDF 12KB)
06/2013-14 14/10/13 Governance Board Amendment to Paragraphs 6.29, 6.33 and Forms (PDF 12KB)
05/2013-14 14/10/13 Governance Board Amendment to Paragraph 6.31 (PDF 12KB)
04/2013-14 02/08/13 Development Design Standards Inclusion of HQI1 form (Word 71KB)
03/2013-14 01/07/13 Procurement All Procurement Guide has been completely revised (PDF 12KB)
02/2013-14 08/05/13 Development Scheme Approval Further amendments to ALP guidance (PDF 12KB)
01/2013-14 01/05/13 Development Design Standards Guidance completely revised (PDF 12KB)

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