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Facing the Future: Housing Strategy for Northern Ireland

Facing the Future is the first Housing Strategy to be developed in Northern Ireland. It sets out our vision for housing over the five years to 2017, including Government’s key roles in relation to housing:
  1. Helping to create the right conditions for a stable and sustainable housing market that supports economic growth and prosperity;
  2. Providing support for individuals and families to access housing, particularly the most vulnerable in society;
  3. Setting minimum standards for the quality of new and existing homes and for how rented housing is managed; and
  4. Driving regeneration within communities, particularly those suffering from blight and population decline.

    The strategy was consulted on in autumn 2012. In response to comments received during the consultation, a fifth key role for Government was added to the list above:
  5. To promote equality of opportunity in housing in NI and to promote good relations.

Housing Strategy Consultation: Summary of Responses

This document summarises and analyses the responses provided by consultees.  The Department received 90 written responses and over 700 pages of comments and suggestions.  The document also contains a full list of the consultation questions and respondents.  

Housing Strategy: Action Plan

The Action Plan sets out the Department’s actions, targets and objectives that will deliver our vision.  It builds upon the commitments in the Strategy and the feedback from our stakeholders as part of the consultation process.   
Progress towards the completion of this action plan will be monitored through annual business planning, with quarterly progress checks. As we implement the plan, the Department will continue to consider how changing economic and social issues need to be addressed.  
The Social Housing Reform Programme is not contained within this Action Plan as a separate, detailed plan is under development for that Programme.