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Benefit Fraud Weekly Review - 08 - 12 September 2014

Confiscation Order of £45,224.11 granted to the Department

At Newry Crown Court, a 56 year old Newry man convicted in April 2013 for benefit fraud received a confiscation order for £45,224.11. This must be paid by the 18th March 2015 or he will have to serve a default sentence of 15 months imprisonment.  The man had fraudulently claimed Income Support and a Rates rebate.
At Belfast Magistrate’s Court, a 34 year old Newtownabbey man was convicted of benefit fraud for failing to declare to the Department that he was working whilst claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance and Housing Benefit. He was convicted of claiming £3,718.29 fraudulently and received a sentence of 80 hours community service, £92 court costs with three months to pay.
A 25 year old woman from Belfast received a sentence of a £300 fine and £86 court costs with 26 weeks to pay from Belfast Magistrate’s Court. She had wrongly claimed £3,981.53 Income Support whilst working without telling the Department. If she fails to pay the fine the Judge warned she would have to serve seven days imprisonment.
Finally, a 20 year old Belfast woman appeared at Londonderry Magistrate’s Court charged with wrongfully cashing her original benefit cheque; she had received a duplicate cheque, which she also cashed when she claimed she had lost the original. She received £82.90 fraudulently. The Court sentence was a £200 fine, £15 offender levy, £40 court costs and a restitution order for £82.90.
This brings the total number of convictions since 1 April 2014 to 148.
If you wish to report benefit fraud please refer to the Benefit Fraud Hotline external link page.
If you wish to read about other cases please refer to: News Releases – Department for Social Development external link