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Welfare Reform Social Security

Welfare Reform Proposals

The proposals contained within the Welfare Reform Bill for Northern Ireland may result in major changes to the current welfare system. It may see many of the current benefits scrapped, with new benefits and payment systems introduced.
Included in the Welfare Reform Bill for Northern Ireland are:
The introduction of Personal Independence Payment external link
The introduction of a Benefit Cap external link
The introduction of new fraud and error powers

Welfare Reform Information for Advisors

This informaton gives specific information for advisers and other professionals about Welfare Reform

Progress of the Welfare Reform Bill

The Welfare Reform Bill was introduced to the Northern Ireland Assembly on 1 October 2012 and needs to receive Executive and Assembly approval before it becomes law.
Following discussions with the Department for Work and Pensions, flexibilities for customers in Northern Ireland have been agreed.  Statement to the Assemby 22 October 2012: Report on progress on Welfare IT Systems external link
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