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Statistics and Research

Introduction to Analytical Services Unit

Analytical Services Unit provides Statistical and Research services to the Department.
This work informs policy, planning and decision making in the areas of social security, child maintenance and pensions, as well as housing, urban regeneration, community development and voluntary activity.

Information we can provide

Through the menu on the right official/national statistics on housing and all the main social security benefits can be found as well as details of other research carried out within the Department.
We also produce the Family Resources Survey.
The branch maintains a number of detailed social security databases. We have the ability to provide widespread geographical analysis of data e.g. benefit receipt. If the information you require is not directly available on this website please contact us.
Geographical representations of Northern Ireland welfare statistics may also be accessed on the Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service (NINIS).
Further statistics relating to Northern Ireland, and to social security, housing and urban regeneration in England, Scotland and Wales can be found using the links below.  

Publication Timetable

A list of publication release dates for the next editions can be found at the following link

Contact Us

If you want to contact the office regarding statistics, contact details are below.
Please note that we cannot help with queries regarding individual benefit claims.  For more information on who can help with your Benefit or Pension enquiry.