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Statistics and Research

This area contains statistics and research publications produced by Analytical Services Unit on behalf of the Department.  
This work is used to advise policy, planning and decision making in areas such as social security, child maintenance, pensions, housing, urban regeneration, community development and voluntary activity.

Analytical Services Unit Publications

Benefits Statistics Summary
The Northern Ireland Benefits Statistics Summary provides an up to date and concise overview of the main benefits administered by the Social Security Agency. The publication is published quarterly and is designated a National Statistic.
Customer Insight
Publications include results of Social Security Agency (SSA) questions which have featured in the Northern Ireland Omnibus household survey since September 2012. Other research has monitored claimant satisfaction levels and evaluated claimant views on services provided by the SSA. These publications include a claimant satisfaction survey and research into the use and impact of disability benefit.
Family Resources Survey
The Family Resources Survey provides information on the incomes and circumstances of households in Northern Ireland. Analytical Services Unit produces five National Statistics publications based on the survey results. These include sources of income, poverty levels, pensioner incomes and analysis by urban and rural areas.
Housing Publications
Analytical Services Unit publish quarterly Housing Bulletins and an Annual Housing Statistics compendium. These publications include a range of indicators on supply, demand, prices and energy. More detail of the topics covered in the publications is available on the Housing Publications web page. Both publications have been designated as National Statistics.
Research Digest
The Departmental Research Digest compiles relevant research reports from across a range of social policy sources and areas of interest. Digests are published retrospectively every two months.
Urban Regeneration and Community Development Research
The Volunteering in NI Research Report is produced annually by ASU, and includes information on the extent of volunteering activity in NI.  Other research relating to URCD policy is produced on an ad-hoc basis.
Other Research
This area contains ad-hoc publications and research that has been completed by Analytical Services Unit on behalf of the Department. This includes the Child Maintenance Service Customer Satisfaction Report 2014.
Welfare Changes Briefing
Subject to approval by the Northern Ireland Assembly the new Welfare Reform Bill for Northern Ireland will result in changes to the benefit system. This area contains analysis and research which details the potential impact to the Northern Ireland population and provides an evidence base for Welfare Reform Change.
The ASU publication timetable is available on our About National Statistics - Protocols & Compliance page

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