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Family Resources Survey - Northern Ireland


The Family Resources Survey collects detailed information on the incomes and circumstances of private households from April to March each year. The survey has been carried out in Great Britain since 1992, but in 2002-03 it was introduced to Northern Ireland for the first time.
The survey contains information which will be of interest to researchers and analysts from a wide range of disciplines in both the public and private sectors. The database can be accessed through the UK Data Service external link
In addition to the Northern Ireland Family Resources Survey publication the department produce a number of other publications from the survey data;
  • Households Below Average Income - Northern Ireland
    This report presents information on potential living standards as determined by disposable income. It covers both before and after Housing Costs, to take account of variations in housing costs that do not correspond to comparable variations in the quality of housing.
  • Family Resources Survey Urban Rural Report - Northern Ireland
    This report presents information collected from the FRS, analysed by urban and rural areas as defined by the Inter-departmental working group on Urban-Rural definition and settlement classification.
  • Individual Incomes Series - Northern Ireland
    This series presents information on weekly incomes of men and women in Northern Ireland by family type, source of income, age, marital status and employment status.  Analytical Services Unit have now formally withdrawn the Individual Income Series publications.  For more information on this please see the Individual Income Series page, available at the link provided from the list below.
  • Pensioners' Income Series - Northern Ireland
    This series contains estimates of the levels and trends of pensioners' incomes by age and marital status.
  • Income Related Benefits, Estimates of Take-Up - Northern Ireland
    This report contains information on the take-up of the main income-related benefits in Northern Ireland: Income Support, Minimum Income Guarantee/Pension Credit, Housing Benefit and Jobseeker's Allowance (Income-Based). After consultation on the future of three National Statistics publications, it has been decided that this report will be discontinued and there will be no further releases in the series.
  • Northern Ireland Poverty Bulletin
    This bulletin provides high level figures on poverty in Northern Ireland as determined by disposable income. It covers both before and after housing costs.  
View the:

Family Resources Survey Grossing Review 2014

In 2014 a grossing review was carried out to all Family Resources Survey and Households Below Average Income datasets to incorporate the 2011 census information that became available.  The following statistical note provides a summary of this review and the subsequent effect on the back series datasets:

Family Resources Survey/Households Below Average Income User Group

Regular engagement with users enhances the value of the Northern Ireland Family Resources Survey. A FRS/HBAI User Group was set up to meet biannually to facilitate user engagement.
View the terms of reference and the minutes of the User Group meetings:

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