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Art Trail 1

Clarendon Dock | Cross Harbour | Cathedral Quarter
For more information download Art Trail 1 (PDF 395 KB)
Location: Stella Maris, Garmoyle Street
Title: Voyage of St. Brendan 1990 (resited in 2000)
Artist: Kinney Design
Material: Mosaic
Funding: Donated to Belfast Regeneration Office by Irish Life, resited by Laganside.
Based on the theme of the discovery of America by St Brendan, the mosaic was completed in 1990, originally for display in Rotterdam, Holland.
Location: The Mission to Seafarers, Prince's Dock Street
The Flying Angel 2000
: Maurice Harron
: Bronze and Stainless Steel
: The Mission to Seafarers, Laganside.
The Flying Angel is a worlwide symbol of the Seafarers Mission.  The Mission was set up in the mid-19th Century by clergy of the Anglican Church to provide shelter and comfort for sailors coming off long sea voyages. The Angel, shown as a protective force, flying above and in the act of calming the waves, was derived from the Scripture - Revelations 14 v 6
Location: Clarendon Dock
Title: Dividers 2002
Artist: Vivien Burnside
Material: Bronze and Stainless Steel
Funding: Laganside, Belfast Harbour Commissioners and the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.
The Dividers sculpture stands as an archway or frame as the viewer looks inwards to the changing city or outwards to the sea. Dividers, in connecting points, allude to communication and navigation intrinsic to the Clarendon Dock area.
Location: Cross Harbour Bridges
Title: Wheels of Progress 2004
Artist: Peter Rooney
Material: Vinyl Graphics and Steel
Funding: Laganside.
Sailortown and Little Italy ‘gave way’ to a landmark engineering achievement to provide a road and rail expansion for our benefit. As we make our way to and fro, around and along these routes we also pass from one time to another.
Location: Gordon Street/Dunbar Link, Cathedral Quarter
Title: The Calling 2003
Artist: Paddy McCann
Material: Steel, Fibreglass
Funding: Laganside.
On the theme of communication; between people and their environment.
Location: Gordon St, Exchange Place, Commercial Court, Cathedral Quarter
Title: Penny for your thoughts 2004
Artist: Peter Rooney
Material: Cast Iron, Brass
Funding: Ulster Garden Villages, Laganside.
Early commerce drove the development of Belfast and this story lies beneath the walls and cobbles of Cathedral Quarter.
Location: Cotton Court, Waring Street, Cathedral Quarter
Title: Belfast Wheel and Cotton Court Signage 2002
Artist: Belfast Wheel and Farhád Nargol-O’Neill
Material: Steel, Mosaic and Copper Steel. Integral building art feature.
Funding: Laganside.
Belfast Wheel is part of the New Belfast Community Arts Initiative. It is a visual network of 12 artists working with 12 community organisations throughout Belfast, which have completed a central design for the Cathedral Quarter, the city’s cultural core. Artist Farhád Nargol-O’Neill liaised with Belfast Wheel to provide complimentary copper signage for the Cotton Court managed workspace.
Location: Cotton Court, Waring Street,Cathedral Quarter
Title: Mapping History 2004
Artist: Eleanor Wheeler
Material: Ceramic Mural and Tile
Funding: Laganside
Incorporating almost 1,200 individually crafted tiles personalised by visitors and businesses within Cathedral Quarter, each tile tells its own story, including a marriage proposal! At the centre of the art-piece there is a map of the area showing the famous landmarks throughout Cathedral Quarter.
Location: Exchange Place Archway, Cathedral Quarter
Title: Performance Space 2002
Artist: Brian Connolly (project team: Consarc, KMM, Paul Hogarth)
Material: Spot Lighting, Steel/Glass, Granite. Integral building / Streetscape art feature
Funding: Laganside.
Stand in the spotlight and perform! A small intimate performance space to encourage the arts in Cathedral Quarter.
Location: Writers’ Square, Cathedral Quarter
Title: Fishing for Letters 2001
Artist: Alan Dawson Associates
Material: Steel Railings
Funding: Laganside.
"Fishing for Letters” reflects the literary theme for Writers’ Square.
Location: Temple Court, Writers’ Square,Cathedral Quarter
Title: Boat 1990
Artist: Deirdre O’Connell
Material: Tile, Mosaic
Funding: D.O.E.
Intricate mosaic of a boat located in the archway between Writers’ Square and North Street.
Location: 109-113 Royal Avenue,Cathedral Quarter (internal)
Title: One step, two step, three step, four 2002
Artist: Peter Rooney
Material: Various including Lighting, Cast Iron and Cast Aluminium
Funding: Laganside.
Art can tell you what it wants to say or it can lead you up a blind alley.