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Art Trail 2

Donegall Quay | Hanover Quay | Gregg's Quay | Lanyon Place
For more information download Art Trail 2 (PDF 375KB)
Location: Donegall Quay
Title: Bigfish 1999
Artist: John Kindness
Material: Printed Ceramic Mosaic.
Funding: Laganside, The National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.
This 10m (32ft) Salmon was commissioned in 1999 to celebrate the regeneration of the River Lagan and the historic importance of the site (confluence of the River Lagan and Farset, which Belfast is named after). The outer ‘skin’ is a cladding of ceramic tiles decorated with texts and images relating to the history of Belfast.
Location: Hanover Quay
Title: National Cycle Network Ceramic Map 2001
Artist: Marion Tucker, Sue Ford
Material: Ceramic Tiles
Funding: Sustrans, Laganside.
This giant (14 sq.m) map of the United Kingdom and Ireland was commissioned by Sustrans to inform the public of the National Cycle Network and all its routes. The map is made of 156 hand made ceramic tiles, which fit together like a jigsaw, with the pieces representing individual counties.
Location: Hanover Quay
Title: Hanover View 2001
Artist: Clare McComish
Material: Ceramic Tiles
Funding: Sustrans, Laganside.
The inspiration for the piece was taken from the old Queen’s Bridge and how shipbuilding influenced Belfast as a city through its landscape and industrial workforce. There are also elements of modern Belfast with injections of colour and linear components. This will draw the viewer to many points of the image and hopefully the vibrancy will emphasise a new approach to the landscape of the city.
Location: Gregg’s Quay
Title: Trawl 2000
Artist: Michael Baker
Material: Mild Steel/Mosaic
Funding: Laganside.
The railing panel depicts a shoal of fish caught in a trawler’s fishing net. The net is completed in mild steel with the fish and trawler made of a variety of mosaic tiles.
Location: Gregg’s Quay
Title: Starboard 2001
Artist: Rachel Joynt
Material: Cast Glass/Cast Iron/Fibre Optic Lighting
Funding: Laganside.
This (8.5m long) ship plan is made of translucent blue cobbles surrounded by a cast iron frame. The cobbles have starfish embedded within to suggest sea and sky and are lit from underneath with fibre optic lighting. Inspired by the graving docks and the traffic of cargo ships that once docked alongside Gregg’s Quay, but primarily it can be seen as a window into the sea or a mirror of the sky.
Location: Riverside Gardens, Lanyon Place
Title: Lagan Symphony 1999
Artist: ‘designs matter’ Susan Crowther and Willis Engineering
Material: Mild and Galvanised Steel
Funding: Laganside, The National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.
Steel bands waving in and out, up and down creating a feeling of movement and delight associated with music. The lines change in character from the formal mathematical control of the gates at one end to the freedom of the standing heron at the other. Reflective of the wealth of river bird life and the work of the RSPB, lighting is critical in the evening, casting huge shadows of the birds up and across the wall.
Location: Café Terrace, Waterfront Hall, Lanyon Place
Title: The Ulster Brewer or Barrel Man 1997
Artist: Ross Wilson
Material: Bronze
Funding: Bass Ireland.
The cooper on his barrel was commissioned by Bass Ireland to celebrate their 100th Anniversary of Brewing in Belfast. The first piece of corporate art at the Waterfront Hall, it celebrates the important role the Ulster Brewery, its people and brands have played in the community during 100 years of brewing excellence.
Location: Oxford Street/Lanyon Place
Title: Dreams 2004
Artist: Rita Duffy
Material: Aluminium Panels, Back-Lit Resin Units
Funding: Dunloe Ewart, Laganside, Arts & Business
‘Dreams’ consists of forty large metal panels in a grid formation, which is etched with portraits of a group of children. The centre of each section, formed in glass and back-lit, will glow at night holding the dreams of 9,000 local children. The project fuses together a strong sense of our ‘metal crafting’ heritage and the spirit of our children’s ability to dream.
Location: Lanyon Place
Title: Sheep on the Road 1991 (resited in 1999)
Artist: Deborah Brown
Material: Bronze
Funding: Originally Arts Council of Northern Ireland commission for Sculpture Park, purchased by Laganside in 1999 for resiting in Lanyon Place.
The work was resited in Laganside to reflect a visual link to the history of the Lanyon Place site, previously a sheep and cattle market.
Location: Main Staircase, Waterfront Hall, Lanyon Place (internal)
Title: Shoal 1998
Artist: Rita Duffy
Material: Tyrone Lead Crystal, Fibre Optic Lighting
Funding: Belfast City Council, The National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.
The installation of 80 handcrafted lead-crystal eels is inspired by the journey of the eels to a common goal and is compared to hope in Northern Ireland at the time. The brown eels, which travel to and from the Saragossa Sea, celebrate the energy and life affirming qualities of water. Each eel is individually illuminated to create a ‘waterscape’. Text, taken from the poem ‘Indenture’ by Tess Hurson, highlights themes of cross-cultural regeneration.
Location: Entrance Foyer, Waterfront Hall, Lanyon Place (internal)
Title: The Big Red 1994
Artist: Catherine Harper
Material: Fabric
Funding: Purchased by Belfast City Council.
‘The Big Red’ consists of a ‘lava flow’ of recycled fabrics (mainly wool and cotton), which have been sewn into shape, dyed, painted and sprayed shades of red. The dramatic colouring and flamboyant texture of ‘The Big Red’ is bold and eye catching, making a tremendous impact in the Waterfront Hall.