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Laganside Art Trails

"Connecting people, places and art"

Over 30 pieces of high quality art have been commissioned and installed throughout Laganside. Through establishing links between art, its audiences and places, Laganside aimed to bring unique and distinctive works of art to the area for the benefit of all both locals and visitors.
Each art piece was chosen to enhance the development space in which it sits. Many have been created by local artists and a number reflect Belfast’s great industrial history, while others celebrate its changing face.
There are three art trails within the Laganside area. A stroll around the art trails will also take you along tranquil riverside pathways and introduce you to many of the buildings of new Belfast.
The art is varied along the three trails, which can last up to two hours each. The pieces include cast iron figures, sculptured brick monuments, tiled and fabric wall murals and bronze and stainless steel statues.
Art Trail 1
Clarendon Dock | Cross Harbour | Cathedral Quarter
Approximate time: 1 hour
Distance: 1 mile / 1.8 km
Art Trail 2
Donegall Quay | Hanover Quay | Gregg's Quay | Lanyon Place
Approximate time: under 1 hour
Distance: 3/4 mile / 1.2 km
Art Trail 3
Maysfield | Cromac Springs | The Gasworks | Haulers Way | Ormeau Bridge | Govenor's Bridge
Approximate time: under 2 1/2 hours
Distance: 2 1/2 miles / 4 km
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