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EC Procurement Requirements

Housing Associations are bodies governed by Public Law for the purposes of EC Procurement; various EC Public Procurement Directives exist.

EC Procurement

Registered Social Landlords, which includes Housing Associations, are Bodies Governed by Public Law for the purposes of EC Procurement. Therefore Registered Housing Associations must comply with the requirements of the various EC Public Procurement Directives.  Housing Associations, as a matter of urgency, should review their current and future procurement activities to ensure compliance with the supplies, services and works Directives where applicable.
The brief guidance on EC Procurement requirements for works and services included in the Housing Association Guide (Ref: 4.3.5 and Ref: 4.3.6) is no longer relevant and has been replaced by Annex C to Appendix 2 of Part 4 (Procurement).
This guidance is still in draft form and may be subject to alteration. The Department intends to discuss with NIFHA and Associations the implications of this decision, and the level of guidance necessary for Associations to comply with the requirements. New guidance will be included as part of the revision of the Guide.
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