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Departments Directions Social Fund Guide



ADM Area Decision Maker
BL Budgeting Loan
CCG Community Care Grant
CL Crisis Loan
DM Decision Maker
DMG Decision Maker's Guide
GP General Practitioner
HSSB Health and Social Services Board
HSST Health and Social Services Trust
IOP Instrument of Payment
IS Income Support
JSA Jobseeker's Allowance
LPS       Land & Property Services
NIHE Northern Ireland Housing Executive
NIO Northern Ireland Office
OSFC Office of the Social Fund Commissioner
PC Pension Credit
PPI Protection of Personal Information (Code)
RCA Rates Collection Agency
RO Reviewing Officer
SF Social Fund
SO(SF) Social Fund Manager
SFI Social Fund Inspector
SSD Social Services Department
TAS The Appeals Service
UK United Kingdom
VU Voluntary Unemployment

About this Guide

100 This guide contains the Department’s Directions and guidance.
101 It is intended for use mainly by Decision Maker’s and independent Social Fund Inspectors.
102The guide is divided into sections on:
1 Introduction;
2 Community Care Grants;
3 Crisis Loans;
4 Budgeting Loans;
5 The Budget;
6 Reviews; and
7 Reviews by Social Fund Inspectors.
103 The Directions are listed in full in part 8
Contact points
200 Members of the public should contact their local Jobs & Benefits/Social Security office if they have any queries about the content of this guide.
  • Social Security Agency

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