DSD Annual Reports

Charitable Donations and Bequests Annual Report

These financial statements relate to the Charitable Donations & Bequests Accounts detailing receipts and payments for the financial year.

Decision Making Annual Reports - Child Maintenance Service

These reports give detailed information on progress on the standard of decision making within the Child Maintenance Service.

Decision Making Annual Reports - President of Appeal Tribunal

Decision Making Annual Reports - Social Security Agency

Decision Making and Financial Accuracy

DSD Resource Account Reports

These accounts consolidate the financial information of the Department for Social Development for the financial year.

Equality Commission Annual Reports

Independent Case Examiner Annual Reports

The role of the Independent Case Examiner is to act as an independent referee if clients feel that specific Government Agencies have not treated them fairly or have not dealt with complaints in a satisfactory manner.
View the latest Annual Report and other publications on the Independent Case Examiners web pages.

Northern Ireland Central Investment Fund for Charities Annual Report

These reports contain a detailed Balance Sheet and statement of income and expenditure for the Northern Ireland Central Investment Fund for Charities.

Social Fund Annual Reports

Social Security Agency Annual Reports

Voluntary & Community Annual Reports

Concordat between the Voluntary & Community Sector and the Northern Ireland Government.